The new edition dates are 17-18-19 March 2023.
Mark your balboa calendar! Registration opens Sunday 6th November 2022 at 13:00 GMT - 1 p.m.

We are once again working to arrange the better festival than ever and these are the updated news:

  • 4 levels workshop with 6 hours classes

  • Brancaccio Palace will be your home for 3 days! All Classes and parties will take place under the astonishing ceiling of the Brancaccio Palace!

  • Special track Solo Leader - Follower

  • 3 parties with live music

  • Top quality live music

  • International competitions

Teachers confirmed:

  • Susana Bernal Sanchez (ESP) & Bobby White (USA)

  • Anna-Hélène & Bernard Cavasa (FRA)

  • Natasha Devyatkina (FRA) & Vincenzo Fesi (ITA)

  • Moe Sakan (UK) & Andreas Olsson (SWE)

An awesome and various line up to be inspired by!