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We prefer this year to offer a different ways of forming balanced classes, more based on your choice; so there will not be audition before the workshop, classes will be formed according to your registration.
It's up to the teachers to move some of you to a different level during the first classes in order to create a comfortable learning experience for everybody.
So, please, read the descriptions of each level carefully and pick the classes that best matches your own skills.


You have been dancing Balboa for at least few months to 1 year. You are comfortable leading or following in the most of the following moves and concepts: single and double time, Pure Bal basics (up-holds & down-holds), come around, throw out, lollies, swivels, cross over, and you begin to feel comfortable in social dances.


You have been dancing Balboa for at least 1 to 2 years.
You can easily accomplish all balboa basics such as down & up basic, paddle-turns and/or progressive shuffles or steps (forward, sideways, backwards), come-arounds in closed and open position, lolly kicks, come-arounds into lolly kicks, Out & Ins or crossover breaks. You want to broaden your repertoire. This is your level!


You have been dancing regularly and have probably been to some international workshops. Your basic is solid and dancing to fast tempos and is easy for you. You can demonstrate some musical changes in any of the basic movements and you can leads or follows most of these moves and concepts: Crab walks, Counterbody motion in Pure Bal (Drags), Triple steps in Pure Bal (independently or led), Multiple ways to shuffle or styles of shuffling in Pure Bal, How your connection and body position should change between Out & Ins, Lolly Kicks, and Pure Bal

Dancers in this level will explore new material and moves as well as improve technique and add some stylings to their Balboa


You dance Balboa regularly and you can master all the previous levels stuff. You dance relaxed to faster tempos and you can lead and mix between single, double and triple time footwork in Pure Bal and Bal-Swing; you can add extra kicks, flicks, fans, to enrich your performance. Dancers at this level should have a large vocabulary of moves and should be working on how to manipulate the moves they already know to fit the music and personalize their style.

Dancers who register for this level are eager to develop their own style, to work on their individual creativity and expression, to refine their follow/lead technique but also to master new complex movement patterns


The Master level is for the very well-experienced Balboa dancer: if everybody wishes to dance with you when you are on the dance floor, you are in the right level!
You can do everything mentioned in the lower levels descriptions . You definitely have your own personal style when you dance. You feel good dancing to songs of all tempos up to 220+ beats per minute. You quickly learn new figures. You are a key balboa dancer in your local Balboa scene and maybe you teach Balboa classes regularly. Level tests are no big deal to you and you feel comfortable in showing off your technique, partnering skills, style and musicality in front of others.
This track enables you to learn more challenging technique in an intimate learning environment. The size of the class allows the teachers to give personal feedback to improve your dancing.